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Project Impact

In September of 2008, the Everett Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit was tasked with designing a more efficient way of communicating with and helping the City of Everett’s residents reduce crime.  The request was based on the perception of rising crime rates.

After researching the problem, a multi-pronged solution called Project Impact emerged.  The objectives were to create a brand specific to Everett’s Crime Prevention Unit, update existing community programs, heavily emphasize improved marketing and outreach strategies and provide a free turn-key crime prevention program that could easily be implemented by any law enforcement agency.

Throughout 2009, intensive man hours went into completing the goals of Project Impact.  The end product was a better crime prevention program for the City of Everett and a software solution that allowed any law enforcement agency to produce customized educational materials.  For the first time, any sized agency could quickly learn how to implement crime prevention programs and produce professional marketing materials with their crest and contact information prominently displayed.  With Project Impact, no agency could use the excuse of time, money or manpower to not have a crime prevention program.

At the 2009 International Association of Chief's of Police (IACP) Conference, Project Impact was initially introduced to over 150 administrators who attended the workshop.  Over the next several months feedback from the IACP Crime Prevention Committee, law enforcement administrators and software users indicated the need for revisions and the desire for additional content.  Using these requests, Project Impact received a complete overhaul in 2010.  The software took on a new look, found a universal programming language to make it installable on any computer system, added Spanish translations and multiple color options for different types of agencies on the marketing pieces.

At the 2010 IACP Conference, Project Impact was again presented at a workshop to over 150 administrators.  At the time, only 60 agencies used all or parts of Project Impact.  With the successes at IACP, an article in The Police Chief magazine, direct marketing to law enforcement agencies and word of mouth, over 125 agencies in 27 States and 3 international countries have now adopted Project Impact.

Project Impact is a truly a creative and innovative approach to crime prevention within law enforcement that promotes quality and excellence.  It seeks to continually improve the services offered to the community while allowing law enforcement to effectively use their resources.  While Project Impact enhances cooperation among law enforcement agencies, its true success lies in the community participation that strengthens police relations.


The Everett Police Department is proud to announce that Project Impact was selected as the 2011 Motorola Webber Seavey Award!


The Project Impact software is free to any law enforcement agency.  Contact the Crime Prevention Unit if you would like more information or would like to use the software.

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