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Block Watch

The Everett Police Department believes in the concept of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" and works with groups to establish Block Watch programs.  The Block Watch program is designed as a partnership between residents that includes law enforcement to improve safety and prevent crime.  Safety is improved when neighbors look out for each other by reporting in-progress crimes and suspicious activity to 911.  Crime prevention is accomplished by removing the opportunity for crime and working together to make the neighborhood a less likely target.

The 3 Steps To Start A Block Watch Program

1)  Active Member List:
Contact information needs to be shared among members.  Information includes: Name, address and phone number(s).  A designated Captain gathers and disseminates group information.  In the case of an incident, members need to be able to contact each other.

2)  Operation ID:
Operation ID is a burglary prevention program that involves documenting personal property to discourage burglary and theft. Traditionally, Operation ID requires participants to engrave their driver's license number onto their property for identification. The Everett Police Department believes new methods and technology are very effective:

Photograph your personal property with pictures and/or video tape. Digital photography allows quick picture taking and easy storage. Take pictures showing brand names then serial numbers.

Document personal property on paper or with a computer. Include the item quantity, name/description, make and/or model, serial number, purchase cost, and purchase year.

Store photographs and inventory sheet in a secure place and remember to review everything annually. Advertise your participation in the Block Watch group placing your Operation ID Logo sticker on doors and windows.

3)  Quarterly Meetings:
Getting together with neighbors can be a task. However, quarterly meetings keep relationships fresh – Especially when they are dynamic and fun. “If you not enjoying it, your not doing it right!” Consider putting crime trends and neighborhood issues aside to party with community BBQ’s, game nights, holiday festivities, or anything to bring people together. Block Watch groups succeed when neighbors know and help each other!


Block Watch Brochure
-Active Member List
-Neighborhood Activity Log
-Operation ID


Calling 911 Tip Sheet
Community Awareness Guide - Suspected Drug Houses
Residential Burglary Prevention
Vacation Crime Watch Packet
Vehicle Prowl Prevention

Contact Info:
Edward Golden, officer
Crime Prevention Unit
T: 425-257-7497

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