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Core Residential & Historic Overlay Design Standards

On May 20, 2008 Everett City Council adopted the Core Residential and Historic Overlay Design Standards for the core residential areas surrounding the downtown area.  The standards generally implement the 2025 Comprehensive Plan Housing Element strategies for the areas, including reducing allowed building heights, allowing unlimited densities in the R-4 and R-5 zones, and adopting design standards and guidelines more compatible with the north Everett lot pattern and existing neighborhoods.      

If you have any questions regarding the City's new standards, please contact the Planning and Community Development Department at 425-257-8731.  

Contact Info:
Planning Department
Dave Koenig, Manager
2930 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 8A
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-8736
F: 425-257-8742

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